Crocheted Baby Cocoon and Hat

Cocooned jellybaby

I just couldn’t say no to the new parents’ request for a cosy crocheted cocoon and hat, but the concept was new to me. So I had a trawl through some rather amazing patterns on the internet, most of them displaying considerable feats of imagination and nearly all of them requiring a degree of bravery to which I simply failed to aspire. In the end I settled on a free Red Heart pattern and proceeded to tone it down to make it a bit more West London, UK. Take a look at the photo attached to the original pattern and you will see what I mean.

In fact it is a lovely pattern, very easy and quick to work up. All I did was to modify the colours and simplify the hat. The end result, modelled here by a plastic jellybaby, went down well with the parents, although baby has already grown out of it, as they do.