A selection of current favourites –

British Museum – the best museum ever –

IMPAC Literary Award winners and shortlists –

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize winners –

James Tait Black Memorial Prize winners and shortlists –

Lens – The New York Times’ images –

London Churches (photos) –

London Review of Books –

Manchester Modernist Society – a lively variety of approaches –

Modernist Estates – an enthusiast of modern architecture –

RDuJour – lovely things to look at and listen to – fashionable design, clothes, people, places, music –

Royal Hats – a completely engaging and informative revelling in glorious hats –

Sacred Suburbs – architecture of postwar places of worship in Manchester –

Terminologia – a cool eye being kept on the evolution of English, Italian and Itanglese –

The Twentieth Century Society –

The Bibliophilic Blogger – literary reflections in the Welsh Borders and London –

The Guardian’s book reviews –

The New York Review of Books –

V&A – the self-styled world’s greatest museum of art and design –


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