Faith, Hope, Charity – and Curiosity





While pruning an archive of digital photographs I notice I have taken too many pictures of enticing paths. This one is in North Yorkshire. The image makes me think of faith, hope and charity. Faith, because when you set out on a path, even with a guide, ordnance survey map and gps, there’s still a chance that you might take a wrong turning, or a fallen tree or flooded stream might hinder or prevent you from your reaching your destination, or worse – you might not make the tea shop before it closes – but nevertheless you take the risk and walk on. Hope, because you don’t know what is beyond the furthest point you can see but your belief that it will lead somewhere draws you forward. Charity, in the sense of love thy neighbour, because I find that the most fruitful walks are not walked alone, and an eccentric person in a walking group adds salt to the flavour of ambulant conversations. I think I will add Curiosity as the fourth corner of the frame of this philosophy of life because did any of us get where we are today by not wondering what was just out of sight around the next bend?


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